Uneven Towel Chin-Ups for One-Arm Pull-up Training

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Uneven Single-Arm Chin-up for One-Arm Pull-up Training

This advanced upper body pulling exercise is a stepping stone to achieving the one-arm pull-up, a cornerstone calisthenics exercise. It will build up your shoulders, lats, upper back, elbow flexors, biceps, grip, and even your abs. Master this move with as little self-assistance as possible from the arm holding the towel and single-arm chin-ups are surely within reach!!

Uneven Towel Chin-Ups for One-Arm Pull-up Training

How To Do It: Wrap a hand towel around a pull-up bar. Grab the pull-up bar with your left hand, your work arm, using an underhand-grip. Grab both ends of the towel with your right hand, your assisting arm. Now pack your shoulders down and back and pull yourself up using as much of your left arm as possible until your chin rises above the bar, hold for 2 seconds, and then lower in control. Perform 3-5 reps and then switch sides.

Make It Easier: Simply hang from a flexed position or hang at the bottom for 30 seconds per side or perform regular chin-ups for 3-5 reps with both hands holding onto the bar.

Make It Harder: Place the hand of your assisting arm down at a lower position on the towel making your working arm shoulder more of the load.

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