Time To Get TORCHED with 10-Minute Torchers!


Today I’m happy to announce that my brand new follow-along workout DVD with Men’s Health and Women’s Health is now available!

It’s called 10-Minute Torchers and you can check it out HERE:


Plus, you can melt fat, blast calories, and ignite metabolism with exclusive streaming access to one of the 12 workout videos from this new DVD set here:


Follow-along with me move for move as I freestyle the most fresh and fun fat loss workout of your life!


Here’s what one StreamFITTER had to say about this workout on Facebook:

  • Eloisa De Leon I streamed that workout and did it in an icy cold air conditioned room yesterday and I was completely drenched after the workout. Love it! Gonna get the entire series! Totally worth it for busy mommies like me!

So, first give this workout a stream and then if you dig it you can buy the DVD here:

I WANT TO GET TORCHED with 10-Minute Torchers

Consider it one of the many perks of being a StreamFIT member ;)

Or you can just buy the DVD right away!

I WANT TO GET TORCHED with 10-Minute Torchers


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2 Responses to “Time To Get TORCHED with 10-Minute Torchers!”

  1. Jim says:

    just ordered my 10 minute torchers. Did the workout on streamfit and loved it. Can’t wait to get this series!

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