The Ultimate Dorm Room Workout (Great for Hotels Too)

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Men's Health University Ultimate Dorm Room Workout

Men’s Health University just released “The Ultimate Dorm Room Workout” that I personally programmed for them to help college students stay in shape while they’re getting their “learn” on at school (notice I put “learn” in quotations, ha).

The 3 weekly fat-shredding and muscle-building metabolic bootcamp workouts only take 15 minutes to complete and can be done in ANY 3×5 square foot space using only equipment-free moves with a wall, chair, bed, floor, and/or desk.

Check out this awesome fitness resource for coeds, and all fitness enthusiasts for that matter, including exercise demo videos with coaching cues and progressions from yours truly:

And don’t forget to do “The Build a Beach Body with Your Bodyweight Blueprint” to shed that unwanted winter weight with follow-along equipment-free workouts you can crank out anytime, anywhere- whether it be a dorm room, hotel room, or even a closet (you bet):

If you’re not yet an SF member, simply register for a free 21-day trial with no credit card info required by clicking the button below TODAY:

Get StreamFIT!


BJ Gaddour, CSCS, is a fitness bootcamp and metabolic training expert. He is the CEO of providing unlimited streaming follow-along workouts from the top trainers in the game. He is also a regular contributor to Men’s Health and a consultant to New Balance.

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