The Core Training Classic Workout: How to Get Abs Equipment-Free!

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The Core Training Classic Workout

How To Get Abs Equipment-Free!

By Mike Robertson (MR)
StreamFIT Contributor- Corrective Exercise and Performance Enhancement Expert
CEO of Robertson Training Systems –

Everyone wants a lean and sexy core.

The problem is how most go about achieving it!

Standard exercises like crunches and sit-ups are very hard on the lower back, putting tremendous pressure on the areas called your “discs.”

Perhaps more importantly, the lower back isn’t really meant to move all that much. It has a certain amount of forward and backward bending, but that’s about it.

In fact, the smartest and most renowned spinal researchers in the world are coming to one key conclusion in their studies:

You don’t need to move the lower back; you need to stabilize it!

While at first glance this series may not look challenging, we’ve given you not only awesome exercises to start with, but progressions and regressions to help you customize the program to your own specific needs and current fitness levels.

One of the biggest issues with standard crunches and sit-ups is that they only train the core in one plane of movement. In The Core Training Classic, you’re going to be training your core in literally every plane of movement.

Last but not least, we’re hitting literally every muscle in your core with this program.

People love to talk about the six-pack muscles (rectus abdominus) or even the eight-pack (rectus and the external obliques), and these will be challenged to a high degree.

Every muscle in your core, big and small alike, will be trained in the program. Here’s just a quick rundown of each exercise, and what it brings to the table:

Front Planks train the rectus abdominus and external obliques. This is also a functional position for movement and life, as many of the lifts you’ll perform on a daily basis require you to hold a neutral position through your core and lower back.

Side Planks develop not only the external obliques, but a big muscle on both sides of your back called your quadratus lumborum. This guy is critical for stability in side-to-side motions.

Mountain Climbers aren’t what you remember. Done correctly with the hips down and the spine in neutral, they will not only smoke your abs but also develop your hip flexors to a high degree. Weak hip flexors (and especially the psoas) can cause issues with muscle tension in the outer hip and front of the thigh.

The Birddog Isometric (ISO) Hold trains all the small stabilizing muscles around your spine. Muscles like the multifidi, rotatores, transverse abdominus, etc. don’t get much attention but they’re critical for long-term spine health. The key on birddogs is to focus on staying as stable as possible! Make sure only your arm and/or legs move, and nothing else.

The Dead Bug is a long-lost exercise that is coming back en vogue. Like the front plank it trains the rectus abdominus and external obliques, but in a slightly different fashion. Perhaps most importantly this exercise teaches you to control your rib and pelvic position, which is going to give you better body control, posture and alignment.

Last but not least, Wall Press Abs are an awesome exercise because they not only smoke your core but re-train your breathing patterns as well. Getting deep, diaphragmatic breaths is critical for optimal health. If you improve the function of your diaphragm you’ll have less stress and anxiety, sleep better, and flat out feel better as well.

Whether your goal is to look better, move better, or flat out feel better, The Core Training Classic Workout can help you get there in the safest and most effective manner I know.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the workout (no equipment is required), and good luck!

The Core Training Classic:

Train your abs with a circuit of the top 6 core moves to stabilize your spine and shred up your stomach. Alternate between 60 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest for 6 rounds followed by a 1-minute transition period. Perform 3 total cycles.

And here’s the official poster workout!!

Thanks for the great article and an even better workout MR!

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