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Single-Leg Calf Raises off Step

2 Killer Calves Workouts

 Here are 2 killer calves workouts to develop your lower legs and improve ankle mobility using just your bodyweight and a low step (or phone book): #1- The Quick and Dirty Calves Workout 1) Calf Raises off Step @ 50 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest 2) Shin Raises off Step @ 50 seconds … Read More »

Barbell Hip Thrusts

The Get Some Glutes Workout

This workout combines weight training and bodyweight training along with multiple planes of movement to give you the best glute pump of your life! The Get Some Glutes Workout: – 10 barbell shoulders-elevated hip thrusts (hold the top for at least 1 second and hold the 10th and final rep for 10 seconds at the … Read More »

Sliding Leg Curls

WOW#17: The Bodyweight Strength Slider

This workout of the week (WOW) uses sliding bodyweight exercises to make your hips and core work harder than normal. Use any sliding surface (like a towel on hardwood floor or furniture sliders or paper plates on carpet) or mini-slideboards (I’m using a product called Valslides in the videos below) to get the job done. … Read More »

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 9.13.59 PM

The Slow Mo Squat Test

One of the things that makes me shake my head the most when I’m watching people at the gym is the way everything is done so ridiculously fast and out of control. Not holding the tops or bottoms of an exercise for a count or failing to control the eccentric/lowering portion of a move will … Read More »

BJ Gaddour and Randy Hetrick

TRX Thermogenic Tempo Training

I recently had the honor of taking over the TRX Training Center in San Francisco, CA, to promote my new Men’s Health book Your Body is Your Barbell. It’s always a blast to train world class people at a world class facility! Plus, I finally got to meet the man, the myth, the legend, Randy … Read More »

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 7.56.19 AM

WOW#16: Lift, Pull, Row Medley

The workout of the week (wow) is called the LIFT, PULL, ROW MEDLEY and it fuses 2 great bodyweight exercises with the ultimate barbell movement for total body strength and muscle. Here’s how it works: – 3 deadlifts – 6 pull-ups – 12 rows That’s 1 round. Perform max rounds for time in 10-20 minutes … Read More »

Push-up Walkout

The Best Push-up for Improving Mobility

The Push-up Walkout is a must-do mobility move that stretches the entire back-side of your body and activates the entire front-side of your body. It’s great for warming-up or an anytime, anywhere refresher. You can also plug it into your push-up or core work as a metabolic mobility move. First, let’s start with the basic … Read More »

X Plank

WOW#15- Plank-apalooza

Yo! If you’re bored with regular planks and bridges, you’re not alone. Most people tend to keep adding time on top of entry-level core exercises (think 3+ minute planks- boring!) instead of intensifying the moves for shorter durations which actually sparks greater strength and muscle gains for your hip, shoulder, and core muscles. I’ve created … Read More »

The Hanging Side Plank

18 Quick Core Training Tips

To celebrate the launch of my new Men’s Health book Your Body is Your Barbell, I just hosted a “Bodyweight Abs Week” over on Instagram. http://amzn.com/1623363837 Each day I shared at least one (and often more) quick videos showing you fast, fun, and effective core exercises and workouts using bodyweight moves over at my Instagram … Read More »

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