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Shoulders and Feet-Elevated Hip Thrusts

The Ultimate Bodyweight Butt-Building Guide

There is no more important muscle group in your body than your glutes, or your butt muscles. They are your biggest and most powerful muscles, and they contract to move your hips in every which way, driving every activity. Because they are so large, they have the biggest potential impact on your metabolic rate. Develop … Read More »

Climber Rows

10 New Ways to Get Ripped with Rows

The Bodyweight Row is the best exercise to build your entire back side. Pulling your body up works your biceps, forearms, lats, upper back/midback, traps, and rear shoulders. In addition, because you’re pulling your body in a horizontal position, your lower back, glutes, and hamstrings have to work hard to keep your body extended from … Read More »

Break-Dancer Exercise

WOW#13- Power Couples

Regis and Kathie Lee. Jay-Z and Beyonce. Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski. What do they all have in common? They’re power couples that made each other better together. You can harness this same synergy the next time you hit the gym. The following exercises are just movements by themselves, but they’re a fat-melting force when … Read More »


Online Orders for Men’s Health Your Body is Your Barbell Book!

Just got the first copies of my new Men’s Health book YOUR BODY IS YOUR BARBELL. MH did an amazing job editing and designing this book. It’s clean and it looks great. I’m really proud of what we put together here. No Gym. Just Gravity! Pre-order your copy today on Amazon: http://amzn.com/1623363837 More info on … Read More »

Best Butt Exercises

The Top 12 Butt Exercises

Discover the top 12 butt exercises for complete hip, glute, and hamstring development. This muscle-building list consists of a variety of training tools through multiple planes of motion. Here’s the complete written list: 1.) Band-Resisted Lateral Shuffling 2.) Skater Jumps 3.) Band-Resisted Hip Walks 4.) Ultimate Sandbag (USB) Shoveling 5.) Ultimate Sandbag (USB) Rotational Lunges … Read More »

Hollow Body Hold

WOW#12- ABzilla (Inspired by Godzilla Movie)

If Godzilla ate your guts, you’d get this workout! You will alternate between bodyweight plank variations and loaded carries (a.k.a. farmer’s walks) for 15 straight minutes. All you need is a pair of dumbbells (the heavier the better) for the most complete core workout ever. Look to progress to heavier weights from session to session … Read More »

Band Split Rows

WOW#11- The Super Single-Band Fat-Blaster

One band, one helluva workout! A resistance band (I like the continuously looped bands from StreamFITBands.com) is probably the most portable, versatile, and convenient training tool in your arsenal (besides your own bodyweight). It’s perfect for at home or hotel room workouts and it’s easier on your joints than dead weight training. However, it’s really … Read More »

Donkey Kicks

The 10 Best Bodyweight Cardio Exercises

See how to do the top 10 bodyweight cardio exercises for at home or hotel room use. You will burn fat, lose weight, and boost your metabolism. What I love about these moves is that they are low-impact, work your body in all 3 planes of motion, and can be done anytime, anywhere with very … Read More »

Single-Arm Swing

WOW#10- Kettlebell Cardio Carnage

By now you’ve probably heard about the kettlebell swing. According to recent studies, this low-impact cardio move that works your entire backside can hike up your heart rate and burn as many calories as running while sparing your joints. However, there’s way more to the swing than meets the eye. This high-intensity cardio interval routine … Read More »

Farmer's Walks

31 Killer Farmer’s Walk Exercise Variations

Farmer’s Walks, or loaded carries, are second to none for developing core strength, gaining a gruesome grip, building your back and shoulders, and working your whole body in concert. Here are 31 unique ways to do them with various training tools, holding positions, and gripping options! Either add one of these moves into a metabolic … Read More »

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