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WOW#9: Dumbbell Dynamite

Transform your whole body with 10 moves in 10 minutes using only a single dumbbell! This metabolic resistance training circuit will broil body fat, kill calories, and carve you up into a shredded statue. It also trains one side of your body at a time to correct strength and mobility imbalances and make your abs … Read More »

Kettlebell Swings

The Sweet 16 Kettlebell Swings

Learn how to perform my 16 favorite kettlebell swings to train total body power, boost metabolism, crank up your cardio, work your core, and muscle up your glutes, hamstrings, shoulders, and back. Here’s the complete written list: 2-Arm Swings Overhead Swings Staggered Swings Skier Swings Shuffle Swings Pivoting Swings Rotational Swings Catch Swings Crush Swings … Read More »

Pistol Squat

37 Best Single-Leg Squat Bodyweight Exercises

Learn the 37 best ways to squat with your bodyweight on one leg including step-ups, lunges, and single-leg squats. You’ll develop strength, power, balance, mobility, and endurance while also working your core way more than with normal two leg exercises.  Here’s the complete written list: Single-Leg Wall Sit Step-ups Lateral Step-ups Cross-Over Step-ups Step-up Jumps … Read More »

Dumbbell Discus

WOW#8: Speed Shred Supersets

Most guys think that they need to use a heavy pair of dumbbells to get in a great workout. Surely heavy loads are great for stimulating muscle growth but when it comes to metabolic acceleration, rapid fat loss, and cardio conditioning sometimes it’s better to go lighter. How light? Well the following workout requires only … Read More »

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 8.09.04 PM

35 Ways to Squat on 2 Legs

Discover the top 35 ways to perform squats on two legs to strengthen your lower body, burn fat, and build muscle. This list includes bodyweight squats, loaded squats (dumbbell, kettlebell, and barbell), ultimate sandbag (USB) squats, TRX squats and even resistance band squats. Check out the super quick highlight video below to see them all … Read More »

Wall Crawl

WOW#7- Calorie-Crushing Combos

Combination exercises combine multiple movement patterns or planes of motion into one mega-muscle move to get more done in less time . This workout of the week uses combination movements for extended periods of time (2 minutes!) to work every muscle from head to toe and deliver a serious blow to body fat. You’ll need … Read More »


WOW#6- The Core Crusher

What exactly does your “core” consist of. Some would answer your abdominals and others would say all of the muscles surrounding your spine. I would say your core consists of your shoulders and hips and everything else in between. Furthermore, complete core training can be broken down into the following six categories that I cleverly … Read More »

Side T oSide Push-ups

WOW#5- The Metabolic Matrix

If you want to deliver a knockout punch to your belly fat, look no further than boxing intervals. After all, boxers are among the leanest and fittest athletes in the world. A round of boxing consists of 3 minutes of work and 1 minute of rest. Sure you could run or box for 3 minutes … Read More »


WOW#4- Mad Minute Meltdowns

 Mad Minute Meltdown By BJ Gaddour, CSCS CEO of Men’s Health StreamFIT When it comes to working out, especially for busy people, it’s all about getting as much work done on the minute, every minute. One of my favorite ways to make this happen with is with complexes, where you pair 2 or more movements … Read More »


WOW#3- T30 Warrior Workout

Build Extreme Endurance with the T30 Warrior Workout By BJ Gaddour, CSCS CEO of Men’s Health StreamFIT To train endurance, you need to use lighter loads or easier exercises performed for higher reps with short rest periods between moves. This will create a surge of blood and nutrients to your working muscles and build up … Read More »

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