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Fox and Friends Next Top Trainer Segment

Fox and Friends Next Top Trainer Segment

This morning I was on Fox & Friends with Women’s Health fitness editor Jen Ator promoting the Women’s Health NEXT FITNESS STAR and the Men’s Health NEXT TOP TRAINER. First, here’s the info about the WH Next Fitness Star since auditions are only accepted through March 4, 2014: http://www.thenextfitnessstar.com/auditions.php And here’s the link to sign-up … Read More »

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 9.50.29 PM

All-New Kettlebell Fat-Killer Workout

I’ve got a great new kettlebell workout for you that I just did today that will murder your body fat while developing strength, power, and endurance. Here’s how it works: – Perform 9 rounds of 8 goblet squats + 16 swings. – Perform 1 round every 3 minutes using the remaining time to perform mobility … Read More »

Pistol Squat Pole-Dancing

Pistol Pole-Dancing

Hold onto a pole, ledge, or door frame to walk your hands up and down as you perform a pistol squat. Make it more of a lower body workout by using as little arm assistance as you can. Make it more of an upper body and grip workout by using more arm assistance. You can … Read More »

pistol squat hold at bottom

Pistol Squat Workout Finisher

I always like to finish my pistol workouts STRONG with a 30 second isometric hold at the bottom on each side. It locks in the hip, knee, and ankle mobility benefits from the workout, strengthens the thoracic extensors (upper/mid-back muscles) to improve posture, and creates strength and stability at an extreme joint angle to improve … Read More »

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 10.22.18 PM

Rock Bottom Goblet Squats

Add this drill into your warm-ups, cool-downs, or active recovery routines to open up your hips and ankles and strengthen the bottom of your squat. Perform for 5-10 reps or 30-60 seconds for best results. You can perform it with a dumbbell or kettlebell or even by holding onto the handles of a TRX Suspension … Read More »

Skier Swings Bodyweight Cardio Exercise

Skier Swings Plus Some Other Ski-Specific Exercises

With the surging popularity of kettlebells over the last decade, more people than ever are now swinging the fat off with kettlebell swings. Recent studies have shown the kettlebell can have the same cardio conditioning benefits as running and you can even burn up to 20 calories a minute swinging. The kettlebell swing involves swinging … Read More »


The Weekday Weight Loss Secret

This past weekend I read an interesting study. Here’s the abstract: Almost everyone loses weight on weekdays and gains weight on weekends. What separates the slim from the heavy isn’t how much more they gain on weekends. It’s how much they lose during the weekdays. In this study, researchers look into the impact that the … Read More »

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