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My Trip to Reebok Headquarters

Earlier this week I had the distinct pleasure of visiting the Reebok headquarters with my buddy David Jack. DJ is a long-time global ambassador for Reebok and he was out there shooting some new video content for their new initiative for fitness professionals called Reebok One. He graciously allowed me to tag-along so I could … Read More »

Low-Carb Peanut Butter & Jelly French Toast

Low-Carb Peanut Butter & Jelly French Toast

I’m back at it again with another healthier version of a classic comfort food. Much like I showed you with my protein pancake recipe, french toast can be made without spiking your insulin higher than a kite. There is also a sanitary benefit to home-made french toast- just watch this quick clip from the movie … Read More »

The Body Wrench Recovery and Massage Tool

Best New Training Tool: The Body Wrench

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with the CEO of Spartan Race, the original adventure race that began back in 2005. He and his team hosted a free bootcamp workout at Bradford Beach here in Milwaukee, WI, to promote their upcoming race at Miller Park (where the Brewers play ball). We discussed a lot … Read More »

The Side Splits Against the Wall

How to do the Side Splits for Freakish Flexibility

I recently wrote an article about how to master the front splits for freakish flexibility. You can read about it here: http://www.bjgaddour.com/how-to-do-the-front-splits-for-freakish-flexibility Today I’m going to take it a step further and show you how to master the side splits. Please note that you should first be able to master the front splits before embarking … Read More »

Low Carb Meatballs with Marinara

Muscle Up with Meatballs and Marinara

Here’s an awesome Italian recipe without all of the carbs. This meal is ideal for anyone with a weight loss/fat loss goal as the starches from the pasta are replaced with broccoli/veggies (you could also use zero carb shirataki noodles if you’d like) and garbanzo beans are used in place of bread crumbs for the … Read More »

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 8.54.30 PM

Best Exercise(s) for Your Triceps?

This is a video response to a Facebook question I received from Lisa Wuertz Tennyson: “I’ve finally started weight training 3 days a week the past couple of months and recently began modifying my diet. Is it okay to do body weight exercises for my triceps and glutes on my off days? If so, what … Read More »

Bottom of Pistol Squat with Band Distraction

Fast Fix for Pistol Squat Performance

Today I’m going to show you how to use a band distraction to immediately improve your range of motion in the pistol squat. It will help drive the dorsiflexion you need to own the bottom of the pistol so you can own to the top and everything else in between. It’s truly worth taking the … Read More »


2 Instant Upgrades to Planks

Plain old planking gets pretty boring, pretty fast. Check out these 2 instant core training upgrades that will challenge your abs in a new way. EXERCISE#1- UNEVEN PLANK This variation forces your ab muscles to work harder to keep your hips and shoulders square to the floor. In addition, the arm whose hand is on … Read More »

lunge and run

2 Excellent Bodyweight Cardio Interval Exercises

Cardio intervals are unmatched for fat-burning and cardiovascular conditioning. Though most people turn to either expensive, clunky cardio machines or just plain old running outdoors, I’ve always found total body bodyweight cardio exercises to be the best fit. You can do them anytime, anywhere, they’re more functional, and they’re a lot more fun. Here are … Read More »

Downward Dog Yoga

The Dirty Downward Dog Series

The downward dog is probably the most popular yoga exercise in existence. It’s popularity can also certainly be attributed to the fact that it’s the go-to stretch for our canines. Our boxers hit this mobility move every time they wake up or get up from a lying position (which seems to be like a hundred … Read More »

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