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Low Carb Sloppy Joes with Paleo Bread

“Not So Sloppy” Sloppy Joes

When most people think of a “Sloppy Joe” something along the lines of this classic school lunch room scene from Billy Madison comes to mind: Jokes aside, Sloppy Joe’s can be a nutritional disaster if: – The sauce you cook the beef in is loaded with sugar – The beef you’re using looks more like … Read More »

Home-Made Grass-Fed Beef Taco Salad

Home-Made Grass-Fed Beef Taco Salad

Try this delish and nutrish home-made dish to support your fat-burning, muscle-building goals. Home-Made Grass-Fed Beef Taco Salad – Choose your lettuce of choice. I like organic baby spinach because of the incredible nutritional benefits. Try to go with dark green leaves whenever possible as the white stuff is just filler. – Chop up some … Read More »

StreamFIT- free streaming workout videos on web, mobile, and tablet

Get StreamFIT… for FREE!

Today, after months of development, we’re very excited to announce our new FREE membership at StreamFIT! Each month free users will be able to access 4 preselected ad-supported videos in the FREE ZONE. All we ask is that you support our vendors if you see a product that you like. It would also be amazing … Read More »

Rotisserie Chickens

Rotisserie Tuesday Baby!

Every Tuesday our local Whole Paycheck- I mean Whole Foods – runs a “sale” on all rotisserie chickens. So every Tuesday I swoop in and stock up on a couple beautifully basted birds. I lovingly refer to this event as “Rotisserie Tuesday.” You simply cannot find a more affordable, convenient fast food option out there. … Read More »

BJ Gaddour Facebook Fan Page

My Facebook Fan Page… Finally

After procrastinating with this for far too long, and since I’ve now reached that pivotal “double digit” fan status, I’ve finally set up my own “fan page.” If you’re interested in fitness and nutrition tips from yours truly, please be sure to like this page. I will be limiting my current personal page to very … Read More »

BJ Gaddour Training Women

Training with Women

I originally thought I’d be working with mostly men and former athletes when I started my fitness career back in 2005. Yet, believe it or not, I’ve worked with mostly women in my career as a personal trainer and bootcamp instructor. It’s funny because I never had a lot of female friends growing up and … Read More »

Paleonola Grain-Free Granola

All-Natural, Grain-Free Granola

I recently discovered an all-natural, grain-free granola called Paleonola that’s a delicious alternative to the sugar-laden options you find in most grocery stores. The secret sauce behind this product is using a mix of nuts, spices, seeds and even coconut to provide a flavorful and ample amount of healthy fats, fiber, and protein with a … Read More »

breve latte

My Favorite Coffee Drink

About 6 months ago my wife turned me onto a new coffee drink that instantly became my new favorite. It’s called a Breve Latte and it’s a lower sugar version of the classic latte that uses steamed half and half instead of skim milk for those living a low-carb or paleo lifestyle. The result is … Read More »


The Fat-Frying Flow Series

As of late I’ve really been digging “flow” templates for simple, fun, and effective ways to burn fat fast for those with limited space, equipment, and time. A flow is where you combine several or more movements that you can smoothly and seamlessly transition between for a set period of time without the need for … Read More »

BJ Gaddour Hand-Balancing

My New Passion for Hand-Balancing

My obsession with body-weight training has now evolved into a journey towards mastering hand-balancing. Hand-Balancing is the best way to strengthen your hands, mobilize your wrists, and shape your shoulders. Inversion training (where the heart is higher than the head) also improves your circulation and total body awareness. Start with easier holds like feet-elevated push-ups, … Read More »

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