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Protein Pancakes

How to Make Protein Pancakes

There’s probably not a more decadent and delicious breakfast dish than a stack of succulent pancakes. However, if I was asked to select the ideal dish to fast-track you into a diabetic coma, it would be pancakes. It’s loaded with nothing but starch with no nutritional value and that’s before you lace it with candied … Read More »

Pizza Eggs

How to Make Pizza Eggs

I don’t know about you but I LOVE pizza! Unfortunately, pizza is not very waist-friendly and I tend to only eat the real thing as a weekly cheat meal or after a workout video shoot to treat my sweet, supple self. That being said, I’ve concocted a pretty decent and tasty substitute for more regular … Read More »


The Winners of the StreamFIT SweatFEST!

Just over 3 months ago we held our first ever 90-Day StreamFIT SweatFEST. The challenge we posed to our participants was simple: Break a sweat and move with a purpose every single day for 90 days straight using any of the 230+ streaming workout videos available at StreamFIT.com. It wasn’t about weight loss but rather … Read More »

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My Favorite Flavored Water

The other day I was sent a care package from hint, creators of my favorite flavored water. Hint’s slogan is “Drink water, not sugar.” Hard to argue with that. Yet the problem for so many people who are addicted to soda and juice is finding a tasty, yet healthy replacement to kick that liquid calories … Read More »

Foam Roll Flow

The Foam Roll Flow

Grab your foam roller (I love the compact, black Rumble Roller) and flow between 10 self-massage moves that hit your whole body. This routine will improve tissue quality and break up scar tissue, adhesions, and knots. It’s ideal for tight muscles and achy joints and best performed pre/post-workout and anytime of day. Follow-along to the … Read More »

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T30 Training Now on StreamFIT!

About a year ago I shot my first ever follow-along workout DVD called T30 Training: Get Your Manhood Back in 30 Days! in partnership with Prograde Nutrition. The product was very well received and I’ve enjoyed hearing the success stories from many men around the U.S. (and some of the women who bought the product … Read More »


6 Spider-Man Exercises to Get You Super Strong and Shredded

6 Spider-Man Exercises to Get You Super Strong and Shredded By BJ Gaddour, CSCS CEO of StreamFIT.com Listed One of the 100 FITTEST MEN OF ALL-TIME by Men’s Health Prepare to get super strong and stretchy with some amazing spider exercises inspired by Spider-Man, the leanest and most athletic of super-heroes. Plus, I’ve also provided … Read More »

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The Sweatiest iPhone on Earth!

Men’s Health recently did a piece called “Celebrity iPhones: Revealed” where they show screen shots of the iPhone home screens of various celebrities, musicians, artists, and even an astronaut, ha! I am honored to be the featured fitness expert in the list and was even bestowed the title of having “The Sweatiest iPhone on Earth!” … Read More »

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