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Body Composition Improvements in 10-Week CrossFit Training Study

What do you think about CrossFit?

“What do you think about CrossFit?” Along with P90X and Insanity, the single most frequent question I get asked these days is what I think about CrossFit. Interestingly enough, today I just saw a great article from Bret Contreras about a study of a 10-week program of CrossFit-style workouts and Paleo-style nutrition The study: Crossfit-based … Read More »


The Calorie Crushing Corrective Exercise Circuit

The Calorie-Crushing Corrective X Circuit By Mike Robertson (MR) StreamFIT Contributor- Corrective Exercise and Performance Enhancement Expert CEO of Robertson Training Systems – http://robertsontrainingsystems.com/ In my very first anatomy class, my professor taught me a very specific lesson: Every joint in the body has a certain amount of mobility, and a certain amount of stability. … Read More »

BJ Gaddour with Team New Balance at DSW Headquarters

New Balance Bootcamp Workout at DSW Headquarters

On Monday, February 26th, I had the pleasure of running 2 bootcamp workouts at DSW Headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. New Balance just completed a refresh of the DSW gym: new paint, new floor, new equipment, and a beautiful NB-branded design and graphic treatment complete with motivational slogans like “Make excellent happen” and “Cut through your … Read More »

Dumbbell Archer Push-up

DUMBBELL DYNAMITE: The Single Dumbbell Workout Series

One of the many benefits to working with a winning brand like Men’s Health is that I get to hear what type of workouts and training tools that fitness consumers all over the world prefer using. It’s no accident that most of the poster workouts you see in Men’s and Women’s Health Magazines involve some … Read More »

Single-Arm Hanging Bridge for Advanced Glute, Grip, and Core Training

Single-Arm Hanging Bridge for Advanced Glute, Grip, and Core Training

This enhanced core stability exercise requires serious grip strength, unlike most bridging exercises. You’ll work your entire backside and prep your body for the rigors off single-arm rowing. Single-Arm Hanging Bridge for Advanced Glute, Grip, and Core Training How To Do It: Position yourself underneath a parallel bar that’s at about waist height so that … Read More »


Are All Fat People Lazy?

Are all fat people lazy? It’s a question that has popped into the minds of most people at one point or another. I will admit that as a former fat person, I often look back on who I used to be with a level of disgust. In turn, I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve caught … Read More »

Michael Jordan's Top 50 Plays of All-Time

MJ’s Top 50 Plays of All-Time

Growing up I was a huge Michael Jordan fan. MJ just turned 50 and I had the pleasure of catching this excellent video compilation of his top 50 basketball plays of all-time: I felt chills, goosebumps, and adrenaline pumping through out my whole body while viewing this motivational montage. This video reminded me of several … Read More »

Modified Handstand Shoulder Taps

Men’s Health May 2013 Poster Workout Photo Shoot

Yesterday I was in NYC shooting photos and videos for the Men’s Health May 2013 poster workout that I designed. Though I can’t share the full details, here’s a quick teaser of this metabolic resistance training workout that promotes the best-selling DeltaFit Speed Shred DVD Series: – 2 different 5-exercise total body circuits that you … Read More »

Kettlebell Halo

Let me see your halo, halo, halooo…

Valentine’s Week is the best time of year for some Kettlebell Halos! The halo involves rotating a kettlebell with the bottom up around your head in both directions while keeping your glutes tight, abs braced, and shoulders down and back throughout the move. This drill improves shoulder mobility and also works your gripping and core … Read More »

"Kiss Me You Fool" Push-up Sizzler

“Kiss Me You Fool” Push-up Sizzler for Valentine’s Week

Spice up the start of your Valentine’s Week with this seasonal fitness challenge that will test your chest, core, triceps and shoulder muscles – not to mention your kissing ability, ha! This is basically an isometric hold ladder, starting with a 1 second hold at the bottom for the first push-up rep and then adding … Read More »

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