December 2012 Posts


New Year COUNTDOWN Workouts

Please read this whole email as your complimentary New Year Countdown Workouts are provided at the bottom. First of all, my two Boxers and I just wanted to wish you all an amazing Holiday season and an incredible New Year on behalf of StreamFIT! Furthermore, I truly cannot thank you enough for your support in … Read More »


12/12/12 Stretchy Spider Shredder Challenge

Last year, on 11/11/11, I shared a really cool fitness challenge honoring the rare date and it was very well received. So this year, on 12/12/12, I’ve put together a 12/12/12 fitness challenge for you that only requires a single resistance band! Here’s how it works: The 12/12/12 Stretchy Spider Shredder Challenge Perform the following … Read More »


Speedy Spider Shredder 600 Advanced Challenge

Last week I shared an amazing new fitness challenge with you called THE SPEEDY SPIDER SHREDDER 600 BEGINNER CHALLENGE. Here’s how it works: 10 spider rows (5/side) 20 assisted spider push-ups (10/side) 30 spider lateral lunges (15/side) 40 spider squats (20/way) 50 2-arm spider swings (25/side) That’s 1 cycle for 150 total reps Perform 4 … Read More »

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