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Stranfe Stuff BJ Says in Hotels

BJ-isms 2.0: Strange Stuff BJ Says in Hotels!

Earlier in 2012 we released a video called “BJ-isms: Strange Stuff BJ Gaddour Says on StreamFIT” in response to popular demand by SF users who were looking for a highlight reel of all the weird things I say and do during our streaming workout videos. Here it is again if you have yet to see … Read More »

Bat-Wing Chin-Up Exercise

METABOLISM RISES Workout Series: Bat, Cat, and Banemy!

Tomorrow is the worldwide premier of “The Dark Knight Rises,” a movie that many critics are already calling the greatest superhero movie of all-time. As with “The Amazing Spider-Man” movie I’ve created a series of streaming follow-along workouts called “METABOLISM RISES” that’s inspired by the movements of Batman, Catwoman, and the villainous Bane. Here’s How … Read More »

Spiderman Crawls

Exclusive Spider Shredder Workout

This week the new movie “The Amazing Spider-Man” was released worldwide. In anticipation of this new cinematic take on the classic comic book, I’ve become obsessed with studying the movements of spiders in general and spider-man in particular. So I’ve put together a super-slick spidey workout for you this weekend that will open up your … Read More »

Jaimi Patterson- Yoga and Dance Expert

Ultimate Yoga Transformation Program- Beginner Workout

Get ready for the first official StreamFIT Yoga workout from yoga and dance expert Jaimi Patterson! Jaimi created The Ultimate Yoga Transformation Program which is a 3-phase series of workouts that takes you from a beginner to advanced yogi within 3 months time. Let’s start with the beginner routine! Ultimate Yoga Transformation Program- Beginner Workout … Read More »

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