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MH Delta Fit

Men’s Health DeltaFit 82-Day Speed Shred is Now Available!

Today I’m excited beyond belief to announce that the Men’s Health DeltaFit 82-Day Speed Shred is now available!! http://www.speedshredworkout.com?keycode=219244 DeltaFit is basically the 8-disc DVD version of the metabolic bootcamp-style workouts we offer at StreamFIT. Check out the 60-second trailer here: This project represents the culmination of everything I have learned about training the human … Read More »

RBT Sweat and Stretch

Resistance Band Training (RBT) Sweat and Stretch

About a month ago I shared a slick and sweaty new way to get in extra cardio and calorie-burning without jumping on the hamster wheel called “Hotel Room Sweat and Stretch.” https://streamfit.com/videos/view/id/169 Our members have truly enjoyed this new active recovery workout that you can do at home or in a hotel room and requires … Read More »

T30 Training

T30 Training: Get Your Manhood Back in 30 Days!

Several months ago I had the distinct honor of putting together a killer follow-along workout DVD program for my friends at Prograde Nutrition called T30 Training: Get Your Manhood Back in 30 Days! Well, it’s finally ready a day after Father’s Day and you can check it out here: http://streamfit.getprograde.com/T30.html Here is what T30 was … Read More »

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