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The Story Behind StreamFIT: Moments That Inspire Change

Why YOU Need to . . . Get StreamFIT! If you want to blast fat, sculpt your muscles, and look and feel fitter, healthier, and well, sexier than you ever have before, there’s no better fitness solution on the planet than StreamFIT. Why? Because StreamFIT combines the cutting-edge science of “metabolic resistance training” with modern … Read More »

BJ is a sweaty, hot mess!

Hotel Room Sweat and Stretch

Several weeks back I was programming for an amazing Men’s Health (MH) follow-along workout DVD project that will be released worldwide sometime in the summer of 2012. Since I knew this was going to be a game-changing product I really wanted to put together some never-before-seen follow-along workout templates that would collectively melt the world’s … Read More »

Hotel Room Warm-up and Cool-Down in a Hurry

Hotel Room Warm-Up and Cool-Down in a Hurry

Throughout May and June 2012 we’re going to be adding some incredible, never-before-seen streaming follow-along workout videos shot within the confines of a small hotel room. That’s right, if you’re a busy traveler you’re gonna have a ton of calorie-torching hotel workout videos to stream to your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or even connect one … Read More »

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