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3 Awesome Ways to Amp Up Your Arms NOW!

If you’re like me and you don’t own any shirts with sleeves (true story), then it’s ALWAYS important to attack your arms and make sure they snap, crackle, and pop 24-7-365. Seriously, there’s nothing like an awesome pair of arms to make a killer first impression. And with summer around the corner, you know it’s … Read More »

BJ and The Band Man

April 2012 Workout of the Month: TRX and RBT Fat-Frying Fusion

The featured SF workout of the month for April 2012 is the “TRX and RBT Fat-Frying Fusion Challenge Workout”. The Band Man and I show you how to combine TRX Suspension Training (ST) and Resistance Band Training (RBT) for a killer total body calorie-crushing circuit you can do anytime, anywhere. Here’s how it works: – … Read More »


Exclusive 1-Hour Fat-Burning Workout from Frisco, Texas

WOW- last week was one helluva week! First of all, we did a 2-day hotel room film shoot for our valued StreamFIT (SF) members to provide some unreal follow-along travel workouts you can do right in the comfort of your own hotel room (and of course at home too). The first day was all Dave … Read More »

The Sexy Sounds of StreamFIT

The Sexy Sounds of StreamFIT (What a Great Workout Sounds Like)

What does a great workout sound like? Like some sweet baby-making is going on! Beg to differ? Well, watch this 60-second video and I guarantee you’ll change your mind: These are all actual sounds from our many StreamFIT workouts- seriously. I call these collective grunts, groans, and moans from all of us trainers “the sounds … Read More »

Gorilla Jumps

When Animal Movements Attack Fat

Look no further than the wild for the best fat-burning moves you’re NOT doing in your current workouts. Animal movements are basically total body exercises that mimic the movements you see from the stars of the animal kingdom. For example, one of my favorite animal movements is the gorilla jump pictured below (be sure to … Read More »

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