11 Quick Lunging Tips for Better Legs and Knees

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The Leaning Lunge

The lunge is a great lower body exercise that will develop your hips and thighs and make you run and jump faster. Here are 11 quick tips to lunge better and bulletproof your knees.

#1- Customize your lunges by altering your trunk position. An upright trunk position works your quads more where a hip-hinge position works your hips and hammies more and is easier on your knees.

#2- Customize your lunges by altering the distance of each step. A shorter step works your legs more (more forward knee drive) where a bigger step works your hips more (front shin is more vertical).

#3- Use the Sport or Speed Step as a lower-impact bodyweight cardio drill or a great lower body dynamic warm-up exercise in all 3 planes of motion. It’s easier on the knees and mimics the positioning found in many athletic movements.

#4- Run and lunge better with this band hip mobilization.

#5- Make your lunges easier or harder with a band.

#6- You can also assist/resist lateral lunges with a band. This drill is sooooo good for your hips and as prep for court and field sports.

#7- Lunge Walk Uphill to open up your hips flexors and make your hips and hamstrings work harder. It’s also lower-impact and easier on your knees than when doing them on a flat surface.

#8- I love this drill to warm up your legs and open up your hips. It will also improve your lunge positioning. Do it for 2 minutes as a warmup. Do it for 5-10 minutes for conditioning, adding weight in one or both hands if desired.

#9- If you want some a$$, get some of this! Extended Range of a Motion Reverse Lunges off low step, box, book, or weight plate.

#10- Take on the LEANING LUNGE for a complete lower body workout and a sprinting-specific exercise. Perform 10 reps or 60 seconds per side. Only go through a pain-free range of motion. Isn’t it bad to come onto the toes or let the knee drive too far forward when lunging? Yes, if you’re not ready for it or you’re loading it up. No, considering it’s a requirement during the start/drive phase of sprinting.

#11- Oooooh! PULSERS! 5 mini pulses at bottom of lunge position, quickly switch legs, and repeat. Start with a minute and build up to 2 minutes. Or use it to work off that potato salad today ;)

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