BJ Gaddour

  • Metabolic Training Expert
  • CEO of StreamFIT.com
  • Creator of Men's Health DeltaFit Speed Shred
  • Listed One of the 100 FITTEST MEN OF ALL-TIME by Men's Health

BJ Gaddour

  • Metabolic Training Expert
  • CEO of StreamFIT.com
  • Creator of Men's Health DeltaFit Speed Shred
  • Listed One of the 100 FITTEST MEN OF ALL-TIME by Men's Health

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Scrumtrulescent Shoulders Workout

The shoulders requires a lot of mobility and stability- without both, unwanted injuries are nearly a certainty. This routine is designed to improve posture, stretch your chest and front shoulders, and strengthen the often neglected rear shoulder and upper/mid-back area. Developing your shoulders has the added benefit of making your waist look smaller from every … Read More »

Squat Concentration Curls

Awesome Arms Workout

Here’s an awesome arms workout using only bodyweight and a pair of dumbbells. Do each move for 60 seconds with 30 seconds rest between moves: 1- Ball Squeeze 2- Arm Wrestling 3- Plank Walk-ups 4- Squat Concentration Curls 5- Gunslingers That’s 1 cycle. Perform up to 3 cycles. And be sure to check out my … Read More »

Inner Thigh Workout

The Inner Thigh Workout

Inner Thigh Workout (as seen on WITI-TV FOX 6 News Studio A) Perform each move for 50 seconds with 10 seconds of rest between them. 1- Kneeling Adductor Mobilization 2- Sliding Speed Skater 3- Side Plank Adduction Hold 4- Hip Thrust with Lateral Leg Swing 5- Sumo Deadlifts For a 20-minute workout, perform 4 total … Read More »

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 10.36.29 PM

5-Minute Bodyweight Core Workout

Your WORKOUT OF THE WEEK as seen on Studio A Fox6 Milwaukee today! 5-Minute Bodyweight Abs- 5 moves in 5 minutes (1 minute each move with no rest between moves). 1- Half Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch L/R (30 s/side) 2- Hip Thrust/Glute Bridge Hold 3- Hollow-Body Hold 4- 3-Way Moving Plank 5- Standing Rotational Chops … Read More »

Exercises to Replace the Treadmill

4-Minute Bodyweight Cardio Burner

I just did a segment for Fox6 Milwaukee featuring the 4-Minute Bodyweight Cardio Burner. You can check out the full segment here: http://fox6now.com/2014/08/18/think-you-dont-have-the-time-equipment-to-workout-at-home-think-again/ And here are some handy images to help guide your workout: Keep alternating between both exercise for 4 straight minutes and then rest a minute and move onto the next pairing of … Read More »

The Leaning Lunge

11 Quick Lunging Tips for Better Legs and Knees

The lunge is a great lower body exercise that will develop your hips and thighs and make you run and jump faster. Here are 11 quick tips to lunge better and bulletproof your knees. #1-┬áCustomize your lunges by altering your trunk position. An upright trunk position works your quads more where a hip-hinge position works … Read More »

Wide-Feet Push-ups

5 Ways to Make Push-ups Easier Without Doing Them On Your Knees!

It’s often very challenging for women or beginners to perform the classic push-up on the floor and on your toes. So what do they typically do? Perform push-ups on their knees instead.Modified push-ups on your knees both limit core activation and turn on your quads and hip flexors which tilts your pelvis forwards and thus … Read More »

Parallel Bars Workout

The Playground Pump on Parallel Bars

Here’s a great upper body workout you can do outdoors under the scintillating heat of the sun or on any set of parallel bars. Exercise#1: Walking Rows on Parallel Bars for 60 seconds. Then immediately move to Exercise#2. Exercise#2: Walking Dips on Parallel Bars for 60 seconds. Then rest a minute and move back to … Read More »

Park Bench Workout

Park Bench Workout

Grab a bench and your bodyweight and get to work, baby! Perform 5 rear-foot-elevated split squats on each leg and then 5 feet-elevated push-ups. That’s 1 round. Perform max rounds for time in 5-10 minutes (or more if you’d like). Modify with hands-elevated push-ups if needed. Just don’t sit next to Forrest Gump or he’ll … Read More »

Dragon Flags

Dragon Flags for Rocky IV Abs!

The Dragon Flag is one of the top bodyweight ab exercises because it involves total body tension training. It will also help develop your upper body pulling muscles like your lats and upper back. Oh yeah- you may have seen this in one of the timeless training montages during the movie Rocky IV! And if … Read More »

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