BJ Gaddour

  • Metabolic Training Expert
  • CEO of StreamFIT.com
  • Creator of Men's Health DeltaFit Speed Shred
  • Listed One of the 100 FITTEST MEN OF ALL-TIME by Men's Health

BJ Gaddour

  • Metabolic Training Expert
  • CEO of StreamFIT.com
  • Creator of Men's Health DeltaFit Speed Shred
  • Listed One of the 100 FITTEST MEN OF ALL-TIME by Men's Health

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Low Box Runners

The 2014 T-1000 Turkey Day Damage Control Workout

It’s time for The Annual T-1000 Turkey Day Damage Control Workout! Every year I share a killer workout for Thanksgiving (or for any holiday) to help you “exercise the demons” of a big feast with family and friends. I added a new twist this year by employing a low box/step to help make it as … Read More »

Clamshell exercise

5 Bodyweight Abduction Exercises

Get ready to channel your inner Jane Fonda! I received a question from a follower about how to hit your hip abductor muscles with just your bodyweight. So I put together this video showing a handful of great options to hammer your lateral/outer glute muscles with no equipment needs whatsoever. Do each move for 10-20 … Read More »

Glute Push-up

5 Calorie-Crushing Combos

Here are 5 of my favorite CALORIE-CRUSHING COMBOS (as seen on WITI-TV FOX 6 News STUDIO A) to burn more fat and build more muscle in less time: 1.) Glute Push-up Variations 2.) Curl to Press Variations 3.) Hinge + Row Variations 4.) Jack Press/Curl Variations 5.) Bridge to Press and Pullover Variations Shoot for … Read More »


Scrumtrulescent Shoulders Workout

The shoulders requires a lot of mobility and stability- without both, unwanted injuries are nearly a certainty. This routine is designed to improve posture, stretch your chest and front shoulders, and strengthen the often neglected rear shoulder and upper/mid-back area. Developing your shoulders has the added benefit of making your waist look smaller from every … Read More »

Squat Concentration Curls

Awesome Arms Workout

Here’s an awesome arms workout using only bodyweight and a pair of dumbbells. Do each move for 60 seconds with 30 seconds rest between moves: 1- Ball Squeeze 2- Arm Wrestling 3- Plank Walk-ups 4- Squat Concentration Curls 5- Gunslingers That’s 1 cycle. Perform up to 3 cycles. And be sure to check out my … Read More »

Inner Thigh Workout

The Inner Thigh Workout

Inner Thigh Workout (as seen on WITI-TV FOX 6 News Studio A) Perform each move for 50 seconds with 10 seconds of rest between them. 1- Kneeling Adductor Mobilization 2- Sliding Speed Skater 3- Side Plank Adduction Hold 4- Hip Thrust with Lateral Leg Swing 5- Sumo Deadlifts For a 20-minute workout, perform 4 total … Read More »

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 10.36.29 PM

5-Minute Bodyweight Core Workout

Your WORKOUT OF THE WEEK as seen on Studio A Fox6 Milwaukee today! 5-Minute Bodyweight Abs- 5 moves in 5 minutes (1 minute each move with no rest between moves). 1- Half Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch L/R (30 s/side) 2- Hip Thrust/Glute Bridge Hold 3- Hollow-Body Hold 4- 3-Way Moving Plank 5- Standing Rotational Chops … Read More »

Exercises to Replace the Treadmill

4-Minute Bodyweight Cardio Burner

I just did a segment for Fox6 Milwaukee featuring the 4-Minute Bodyweight Cardio Burner. You can check out the full segment here: http://fox6now.com/2014/08/18/think-you-dont-have-the-time-equipment-to-workout-at-home-think-again/ And here are some handy images to help guide your workout: Keep alternating between both exercise for 4 straight minutes and then rest a minute and move onto the next pairing of … Read More »

The Leaning Lunge

11 Quick Lunging Tips for Better Legs and Knees

The lunge is a great lower body exercise that will develop your hips and thighs and make you run and jump faster. Here are 11 quick tips to lunge better and bulletproof your knees. #1-┬áCustomize your lunges by altering your trunk position. An upright trunk position works your quads more where a hip-hinge position works … Read More »

Wide-Feet Push-ups

5 Ways to Make Push-ups Easier Without Doing Them On Your Knees!

It’s often very challenging for women or beginners to perform the classic push-up on the floor and on your toes. So what do they typically do? Perform push-ups on their knees instead.Modified push-ups on your knees both limit core activation and turn on your quads and hip flexors which tilts your pelvis forwards and thus … Read More »

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